Remove ASP.Net and IIS headers from HTTP response

There are 4 headers that should be removed.

IIS7+ HTTP redirects

Serious UI flaw in IIS manager HTTP Redirects.

Developing for HTTPS & SSL locally

Its not obvious how to develop and secure websites with SSL and HTTPS.

Bye bye "MapRoute", long live Attribute Routing

In ASP.NET MVC there's basic convention based route maps by adding MapRoute calls to the RouteTable. This is counter intuitive and provides little features.

ASP.Net MVC Routes

Routing can be tricky when app is growing.

GREEN IT with bundling, minification and CDNs

Making greener IT and more performant UX by keeping net utilization low.

ASP.NET MVC 3 RC released; partial page output caching

Yesterday the release candidate for ASP.NET MVC 3 was released.

An MVC 2 sample implementation of Dependency Injection pattern

The Dependency Injection pattern brings huge positive effects on your design and code maintainability. But how to implement it correct?

Orchard database lacks referential integrity

I took a quick look at the schema of the Orchard database. There's some tables there but it seemed to lack any FK constraints.