Foundation Sass in Visual Studio 2013

Get started with Foundation Sass in Visual Studio

SpecFlow 1.9

Finally a new version of SpecFlow is out.

Bye bye "MapRoute", long live Attribute Routing

In ASP.NET MVC there's basic convention based route maps by adding MapRoute calls to the RouteTable. This is counter intuitive and provides little features.

Wisdom of Crowds

Applying ranking algorithms to deliver true representations.

BDD and UAT with SpecFlow and WatiN

An introduction to Acceptance Testing, Gherkin, SpecFlow and WatiN.

Reference vs Value in WCF

WCF turns referenced objects into value data by default. This is a behavior that can cause trouble and decrease performance. Learn how to define reference or value style navigation for your serialized data.

Time to move to EF?

With all new 4.0 releases the Entity Framework is heard to be mature enough with it's new POCO support.