Copy linked files in VS

Adding linked files in visual studio makes the files take part in the build and in the vs edit but it does not actually reside in the local projects folder.

Anyone who thinks clearly can write clearly

Some thoughts on writing. Having an idea or want to create something? Writing it down is the first step to refine it and testing it.

Digital Analytics - some notes during the Google Academy course

Some notes ant thought taken during the Google Academy Digital Analytics fundamentals course.

SpecFlow 1.9

Finally a new version of SpecFlow is out.

Slice business logic into bounded contexts

Domain model objects are extended with business logic that are valid in only certain contexts.

How technology influences DDD

Eric Evans on How Technology Influences DDD

BDD and UAT with SpecFlow and WatiN

An introduction to Acceptance Testing, Gherkin, SpecFlow and WatiN.

DDD - Modelling Aggregates

-Modeling of an aggregate. -How different aggregates relate to each other. -The discovery process.

Comprehensiveness is the enemy of comprehensibility

All models are wrong, some models are useful. Some parts of us tell us to fill in all the holes in a model to make it "complete". This is a natural instinct. But this is often counter productive.

Lean Priority

How to prioritize according to LEAN methodology

Kanban intro

Short intro video to Kanban (in Swedish)