VS lowercase menus

VS2012+ uses uppercase menus which is not so nice...

Digital Analytics - some notes during the Google Academy course

Some notes ant thought taken during the Google Academy Digital Analytics fundamentals course.

SpecFlow 1.9

Finally a new version of SpecFlow is out.

CS9 release is a Big Update for ConnectionStrings.com

A week ago the new release of ConnectionStrings.com were deployed to public. There's some exciting changes out in there.

Office on Lindholmen

From the centre to the IT centre. Lindholmen.

Kontorsplats Göteborg Kungsgatan 4

Har just flyttat in på ett nytt kontor och har en plats för uthyrning.

Seminar summary: .NET Software Development Best Practices

Cornerstone arranged one day seminar focusing on several aspects of software development. Continuous Integration, Aspect Oriented Programming, Maintainable Code, Behavior Driven Design, Dependency Injection patterns, Unit Testing and Test Doubles (inc mocking).

Request.ServerVariables Website with DDD and MVC - Repository - Service pattern

Working on a design pattern sample solution RequestServerVariables.com that's simple enough for testing some ideas and an in memory repository pattern.

Orchard database lacks referential integrity

I took a quick look at the schema of the Orchard database. There's some tables there but it seemed to lack any FK constraints.

Orchard blog module seems okay

Setting up Orchard CMS in progress.