Copy linked files in VS

Adding linked files in visual studio makes the files take part in the build and in the vs edit but it does not actually reside in the local projects folder.

JavaScript Garden

Good resource: JavaScript Garden is a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language.

Chrome new window focus

Start Run Chrome does not focus the new window.

Remove ASP.Net and IIS headers from HTTP response

There are 4 headers that should be removed.

Foundation Sass in Visual Studio 2013

Get started with Foundation Sass in Visual Studio

IIS7+ HTTP redirects

Serious UI flaw in IIS manager HTTP Redirects.

Doing CSS a better way

I did some research and wanted to start doing styles in a better way. This is some notes on what I did. It's Sass, Compass, Sublime and Tincr.

Digital Analytics - some notes during the Google Academy course

Some notes ant thought taken during the Google Academy Digital Analytics fundamentals course.

DKIM, SPF, SenderID, Domain Keys, ohh! SPAM DNS tricks for your sent e-mails...

Validate your DNS settings with regards to anti-spam techniques (DKIM, SPF, SenderID, Domain Keys).

DNS: how, why and its UX/performance impact

This article is a very detailed comparison between DNS hosting providers and also gives a good understanding why DNS servers matters to your sites UX/performance.

BOM in the UTF-8 encoded Robots.txt

SYNTAX NOT UNDERSTOOD. Robots.txt is supposed to be encoded in UTF-8. Search engines might get confused by a BOM in the beginning of the file, causing incorrect disallowance behaviour.

Developing for HTTPS & SSL locally

Its not obvious how to develop and secure websites with SSL and HTTPS.

GREEN IT with bundling, minification and CDNs

Making greener IT and more performant UX by keeping net utilization low.

Pretty syntax highlightning for online code snippets

Highlight keywords and display code on the web.

Chrome slow on localhost

When browsing a localhost website, such as VS Development Webserver Cassini, with Chrome, requests are processed very slowly.