CS9 release is a Big Update for ConnectionStrings.com

7/17/2013 12:17:25 AM

A week ago the new release of ConnectionStrings.com were deployed to public. There's some exciting changes out in there.

The new release features a whole new backend on JSON docs and also RavenDB. Its a totally rewritten code base with a smarter content admin system. The new design was put in place with a lot of help from Sebastian at 23 Gears.

CS9 also features more focus on the forums and articles + nice integrations with relevant links pulling the different types of contents together. This is thanks to tagging the contents and the RavenDB indexing abilities.

The system is now deployed on brand new servers on FS Data and the transition has been quite smooth.

One backend feature of a unified redirecting system for urls have been well used for transfering (301s) link juice (PR) from the former adresses to the new ones. Booth pre-deploy and once in place its very easy to insert new redirects as problems (404s) arise.

I also must say the new situation with access to a proper IIS (7.5) instead of web farm control panel is easing things up soooo much. I now know how things actually work in there.

Im really happy about finally being able to release this new piece of the service. Have a look! www.connectionstrings.com