Digital Analytics - some notes during the Google Academy course

10/30/2013 3:55:52 PM

Some notes ant thought taken during the Google Academy Digital Analytics fundamentals course.

Digital Analytics

It's all about "Using data to drive change".

Quantitative data

  • Size of audience
  • Locations of visitors

Qualitative data

  • Why did you come here?
  • Where you able to comlete your task?
  • What is a pleasant experience?
  • => Survey-like data.


Business objectives. Can be booth online and offline.

  • Sell products (ecommerce)
  • Lead generation (product sites)
  • Engagement and frequent visitiaion (content publ, ad show)
  • Help cusomers find information (support)
  • Drive awareness, engagement and loyalty (brand)


Macro conversions

Sell something

Micro conversions

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Continuos Improvement Process

  • Measure - collecting data
  • Report - package data for decision makers
  • Analysis - Identify larger trends, comparing to benchmarks
  • Test - Different solutions to problems identified during analysis.
  • Improve - Repeat the above process

Analysis Techniques


  • Why patterns change? Is it a certain source that makes sales increase?
  • Day or Hour? Marketing channel? Platform? Geography?


  • Growth compared to industry growth?
  • Growth compared to own historical data?

Conversions and attribution

micro -> micro -> micro -> macro

Assign credit to a conversion - Last-click attribution - Linear attribution - First-click attribution Think basket ball game. The player who scores or the whole team?

Measurement Plan


  • Business objectives and strategies
  • Understand analytics and what it can do
  • Technical skill to implement


  • Define measurement plan
  • Document technical infrastructure
  • Create implementation plan
  • Implement
  • Maintain and refine the measurement plan

Create a measurement plan

  • Define and document business objectives (mission, övergripande filosofi). "Help peopla bla bla"
  • Identify strategies (actions) and tactics (through/how action is made) that support objectives.
    • "Sell products" through "Sell online" and "Drive store visits".
    • "Engage users" through "Drive blog engagement"
  • Choose KPI metrics that matches the strategy. How to understand performance.
    • Sell: Total revenue. Avg order value.
    • Sell: Visits to find store location. How many printed coupons.
    • Engagement: Recency/frequency. Social shares.
  • Choose segments needed
    • Marketing channel
    • New vs returning
    • Geography
  • Choose targets for each KPI

Strategies examples

  • Ecommerce - Sell products or services
  • Lead generation - Collecting lead information
  • Content publisher - Engagement and frequent visitation
  • Online Information - Help user find information quickly
  • Branding - Awareness, engagement and loyalty

Campaign Tracking

Use the url builder to track campaigns


Certificate Google Academy Digital Analytics fundamentals

Thoughts / Sum-up after the course

It was good to get some basic theory what's behind Google Analytics and what and how it can be used as well as having a better understanding for the terms used in regards to general digital analytigs and specific to Google Analytics.