Experience Development Contexts

Understanding contexts is crucial in successing IT projects. Booth the domain and the project conditions must be understood for developers to succeed in building manageable software.


Working on projects in various contexts gives an understanding of what project activities to undertake in different situations. In a big IT companys 10 person development team, on a project of building a modern succesor for the current main business system, there is no problem in gathering requirements from the in house domain experts nor start discussions regarding how to implement a SOA architecture with the developer colleagues. In a small accounting firm with no inhouse IT, on a project of developing software for a new innovative service which will be provided to external clients it is more likely that starting with a prototype for everyone to gather around will be the best path.

A development context consists of several aspects and shapes the development method.

The development context shapes the development method

This concludes that analyzing the development context is an import part of the development method.


Both inhouse and consulting through big and small organisations, localy and international created an understanding of different process needs. Some of the organisations I've been working with includes,

  • Ericsson
  • 23 Gears Websystems
  • Observer, division Waymaker (Cision)
  • Svenska Media
  • Evitbe
    • Nordea
    • Eurocard
    • Sony Ericsson
    • Strålfors
    • SJ
    • Ericsson IPX
  • World Lottery Association
  • Svea VAT Adviser
    • ABB
    • Volvo Cars
    • SAAB company
    • H&M