Some of the things going on.

Public developer resource website. Been around since 2000 and have gained attraction, now has 250,000 visitors a month. I often return here to refine some detail, moderate the forums and publish more connection strings content.

CSAS Advertising System ™

Ad campaigns, customers and invoicing management. Handles displaying ads and statistics. The system was created to handle those things for Not fully developed but automates a lot of tasks and constrain the processes reducing errors. Been there for quite a while now and works pretty well and is performant. ASP.NET, Generic handlers, management-website communication over GZIP:ed HTTP and a created set of service functions. SQL Server Reporting Services. SQL Server Integration Services (ad stats processing).

This site is built upon ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 2.0 CMS, N2CMS, MVC 4, homegrown CMS with a RavenDB backend. The aim is to have a place online to store thoughts and notes related to programming and to get in touch with projects and people.

Dustfly CMS ™

An MVC lightweight CMS with emphasis on easy content management and SEO. The system was intended for use by small businesses that needs a cheap solution for their internet presence. The release of was successful but the project is cancelled due to several reasons such as time shortage, low possible return, high competition, lack of dedication and personal commitment. It's still there though and maybe will be picked up one day.