Software Development Tools


Sketching UML is a great way to communicate ideas, design and requirements. Many tools are very extensive and prior to UMLet I often prefered to use post-its, pen & paper or whiteboard. UMLet makes the UML notation available without any code generation, reverse enginering, etc etc, features. It's very agile and easy to use. It's "popup-free" and can export diagrams to images.

SEO and Site Optimization


HTTP debugging proxy that inspect request and response details for websites. It's an easy way to overview how chatty a website is.


Online convert png to ico.

Sprite generation

Create png sprites for resources. Combines all files in zip into one and creates all css positions with class names according to the original file names.

CSS generation

Graphically pick your layout and copy the CSS codes.

Manage requirements in-code using BDD

SpecFlow is a VS integrated BDD tool where you specify requirements as features and the implementation rules as scenarios. The Gherkin language specs are connected to the tests that run the implementation. Business lingo+reqs and technical implementation tied together.

CA Technologies APM Cloud Monitor

Ping public online services from a (big) bunch of probes revealing network latency from different well spread locations all over the world.

Who Hosts?

Find which provider are hosting a site at (well actually the service seems to look more at the ns hoster rather than who hosts the targets... anyway, works for some)

Virtual Machines

VirtualBox is a VM system by Oracle. It's open source and available for several platforms.

OVA (Open Virtualization Format) image files for XP IE8 etc are found here.

Download the VirtualBox versions that you want to try. Then start VirtualBox and use "Import Appliance" to create a VM using the downloaded OVA files. The online manual for VirtualBox are found here There you can find instructions on configuring network access etc.