Transfer SQL Server Database

10/18/2010 2:57:59 PM

Transfer both schema and data using the database publishing wizard and sqlcmd. But where is the Database Publishing Wizard for SQL Server 2008. And what to do when the generated script is huge?

The SQL Server add-on Database Publishing Wizard is not available for SQL Server 2008. It's now located in Visual Studios Server Explorer. Make a data connection and right click "Publish to provider", there it is!

The wizard will script the schema and the data into insert statements. Its a very convenient way of transfering booth schema and the data.

If the scriptet file gets very big you won't be able to open it in SSMS. Instead use SqlCmd to execute it.

An example of such a command would be;
sqlcmd -U username -P thepassword -S servername -d databasename -i "C:\theScript.sql"